Visions Unseen

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The cover of Frances Ripley’s illustrated (and illustrious) book „Visions unseen” shows the hazel elf – or better: shows how the hazel elf likes to present himself to humans through Frances’ pencil.

Her drawings show us both the beauty and the power of nature spirits. The texts explain how Frances Ripley was led to a loving and deep awareness of the realms of nature spirits. And then was „forced” to draw many of them.

The book has been published one year ago at Findhorn press publishers:
ISBN: 978-1-84409-093-8 (Link)

Studying the book I am again touched and fascinated by the drawings and Frances’ adventures thereby like I was, when she first showed me some of them and told the stories about their origin.

I think that Frances’ drawings reflect how nature spirits try to present themselves to humans in order to get in contact with more and more people and to offer collaboration for the maintenance of our planet (I feel tempted to say: healing of our planet), including the realms of all seen and unseen beings as well as the mineral level.

The appearance of many of the beings drawn by Frances have been confirmed by people who really see them.

Some of them want to be seen much like people imagine goblins should look like (e.g. the hazel elf). Others impress by their powerful eyes and wholehearted physiognomy (e.g. Santos). I possibly could feel intimidated meeting them, even if I know that they are just looking for friendship, acceptance and collaboration.

We met Frances Ripley in August 2004 during a two month-journey in Scotland. Her husband George happened to be my speaking partner (contact and conversation partner) of the Findhorn community during the month we stayed at Forres in Educational Centre Cluny.

Findhorn Bay
Findhorn Bay and Forres

Once George and I were talking about nature and nature spirits (Maybe because I have a degree as Ph.D in nature sciences). My spouse Ingrid was then (and is still) interested in the realm of nature spirits. George invited us to have tea and talking at their convivial Clarepoint home at „The Park”, Findhorn. The short visit became three prolonged and exciting discussions. We learned a lot about the development of the drawings and were shown many of them, of course. The compost gnome and the sand goblin still have their pictures in our home.

The above mentioned book was already in preparation these days, but publishing was delayed until end of 2007. I do not provide copies of Frances’ drawings in my blog with respect for the autor and her ©. Have a look at the original beautiful and exciting publication yourself !

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